SKL New York

About SKL

I am a single mom, former dancer (I worked with an international touring company for many years), learn-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, DIY-er.  I have always enjoyed figuring things out and trying to learn how to fix, refinish, and otherwise salvage items and make them more beautiful and functional – and always on a dime budget.  I utilize what I have, often making due with nominal tools and resources, but somehow continue to make everything work.  Along the way, I hope to continue to educate myself and allow for surprising mistakes, which sometimes turn out to be the best solution!

To fill the void after a 15 year career in modern dance, I have written, illustrated and self-published several children’s books, refinished furniture, renovated rooms, learned about landscaping, chopped wood, dabbled in arts administration, fund-raising, online audience building and graphic design, ventured into interior design and consulted in personal organization.

Some people have called me “Renaissance Woman” or “SuperHuman”(LOL), but I prefer to just be me – struggling along and striving to improve every day.

I hope you enjoy browsing my many different projects and I will aim to continue to create!

Thank you for looking!

photo credit: Isabella, age 7


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