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re-Designing a Dream Dollhouse

I have incredible friends!!  Two fabulous people I know, Jen and Kurt, found this amazing dollhouse in the hallway of their NYC building – ready for tossing.  They saved it from the landfill and asked me if I wanted it for my daughter and to experiment with painting and fixing it up!  At first, I thought… maybe I don’t have room for a dollhouse, but then Jen sent me photos of it… and I was beyond in love.  Not to mention, I have just found a small box in the back of my closet containing several delicate miniatures that I had collected when I was my daughter’s age, including a dining table with straight-back wooden chairs, a kitchen cupboard and an array of tiny foods – perfect.

So now that I have tried my hand at life-sized large home renovation projects, this weekend is dedicated to experimenting with this beauty of a miniature Victorian manor.

Stay tuned and watch the transformations!!









I have my working orders for the long weekend 🙂

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4 thoughts on “re-Designing a Dream Dollhouse

  1. A work mate recommended me to your resource. Thank you for the details.

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  3. What an incrediable find! It looks beautiful. I know Bella must love it

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