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Instantly Infatuated with Instagram

Recently, I took the plunge and updated my five-year old cell phone to the newest technology.  Most of the apps had stopped working and the phone kept crashing, even when doing something as simple as reading an incoming text.  I felt behind the times and frustrated beyond belief when I would try to access basic functions (I know… we are quite spoiled in this tech-infused society, demanding more and more at the slight touch of our fingertips – literally), but nonetheless, it was long overdue and I have been patient.  Furthermore, since I use my phone for business, it was necessary to get with the times.

So, with my new phone in hand, I returned home to update and re-sync everything, only to find that the operating system on my computer was also out-of-date!  Long story short, I was able to upgrade/update/re-boot/re-sync/re-connect/etc all systems until I was ready to roll!

WOW – what a difference!  Everything works with lightning speed, clarity and fantastic perks – it really is impressive!  One of the apps that I am now able to utilize is Instagram.  Being a visual person, this app is incredibly addictive.  Not only is the camera on the new phone phenomenal in it’s own right, but the Instagram app is stunning and I have spent the last several days exploring the possibilities: inspired by other users, hashtag projects, and the seemingly limitless options to experiment with, I can hardly make time for anything else!  So, I wanted to share some of my favorite shots here and get some feedback on which one is your favorite!  Please comment and let me know!

Plus if you want to follow me – go to, download the FREE app and follow me – theQ2000.  Hope to see you there!

#1 – Lansky’s Deli, NYCIMG_0008

#2 – Harlem – 125th Street, Metro-North stationIMG_2057

#3 – FirewoodIMG_2084

#4 – Spiral EyeIMG_2071

#5 – Which one is real?IMG_2076

#6 – Velvet WallpaperIMG_0010

#7 – Playground spiral


#8 Ghost chairs in the rain


#9  Foggy NYC


#10 Fallen leaves in reflected tree


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