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For the Love of Gloves

Last weekend (and some weekends prior to that) I spent half a day preparing firewood in my garage.  You can see that post here.  As I begin to think about this coming weekend, in which I am renting a log-splitter to prep more wood for the coming winter months, I realized that I had neglected to mention an integral component, an essential tool to accomplishing this work – my trusty, hard-working, heavy duty, leather gloves.

Splintery, angular, jagged wood is tough to handle, particularly for hours on end.  So having a good pair of sturdy gloves is a must!

Here are my gloves and this is their story:

The gloves were originally intended for gardening, given to me by a dear friend as a house warming gift (along with a beautiful purple coneflower that is thriving in my garden).  And I did use them to garden!  However, I always found myself “falling” into bigger projects while wearing them and was grateful to have thick, durable gloves to protect my hands.  Over the last year, I have used them endlessly, wearing them while I pulled weeds, transplanted Japanese maple seedlings, cleared branches, built stacked stone walls, gathered kindling and firewood, and also to protect my hands from the high heat of fires in the wood stove.

As you can see from the photo above, I LOVE these gloves!  So much so, that I refuse to let them go.

When the first small hole appeared, I had just finished stacking last year’s wood in the garage.  Here’s a photo of last year’s wood pile (notice my gloves on the glass table, looking much more fresh)

I grabbed some duct tape, applying a healthy protective layer to mend the hole.

Another hole appeared later that same day…

The fingers and thumbs began to tear, so did the palms.

Then the lining of one glove began to disintegrate, pulling away from the leather exterior and fraying on it’s edge – more duct tape.

The other lining followed suit…

Then the original duct tape began to wear away – no worries – just slap more on and keep it coming!  I have plenty more duct tape in my tool cabinet!!


it may be time to retire this faithful, dependable pair of loyal friends.  They have served me well over the last 14 months.


I’m stickin’ to my method and will use these gloves until they are nothing but thread and sticky worn out tape!  I LOVE THESE GLOVES!!

(unless, of course, someone wants to buy me a new pair – wink, wink)

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