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re-Imagining Tile

Recently, I cleaned out and re-organized my large “store everything” closet.  While doing so, I discovered a few little treasures that I had intended for fun DIY projects, but for lack of time (or patience, or budget) I never completed them, wedging them deep in a dark corner behind some boxes or whatnot to save for a later day.

One project was re-purposing old paint swatches – you can see it here. (I now have several other ideas I’d like to attempt, so stay tuned)

Another discovery was a small bag containing three 8″ x 8″ ceramic tiles wrapped in bubble wrap: samples I had ordered when I was considering re-tiling my bathroom floor (still on the back burner…).  I had found and fallen in love with this fantastic company that produces ceramic tiles in a multitude of innovative designs called Imagine Tile.  I am particularly fond of their Nature and Urban collections.  You can order samples from their website for $5 for the first tile and $2 for each additional tile. (I still dream about walking over “grass” or “pebbles” in the bathroom…sigh…maybe someday).

Anyway, here were these three stunning tiles that were begging to be displayed or used somewhere.  So I plucked out some furniture felt pads (Fixa from Ikea $1) from the closet and stuck one pad in each corner on the bottom of the tile.

and Presto – Chango!

Three AWESOME hot plates/coasters/table protectors/table accents.

I might not be able to have river pebbles on my bathroom floor (for the moment), but my coffee cup looks great “nestled” in the grass!

Total cost: approx $3 per tile, $1 self-stick felt pads

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2 thoughts on “re-Imagining Tile

  1. Jennifer on said:

    I love the river pebb
    les on the bathroom floor idea! Thanks!

    • Thanks Jen! I am torn between river rocks and grass – somehow bringing nature inside with smooth edges feels sooooo right and strange at the same time. Seeing grass and imagining it’s tickling edges while feeling the cool, smooth surface of ceramic…. strange and wonderful at the same time!

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