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A Peaceful Patio – part three!

Ok, I promise this will be the last post on the patio – but each step I take leads to another idea!  Amazing how refinishing a bench lead to building an outdoor patio, and then planting around it!

So… the one thing that was missing to fully enjoy this new outdoor space, was an easy access.  The location was situated in an area that had once been a forgotten place collecting trash and yard debris, so the only way to get to it was either by stepping over a low stacked stone wall or following the long path from the street.

So, reconfiguring the low stacked stone wall and creating a pathway from the garden entrance was in order!

Here is what it looked like before (with some tools at the ready):

Anyone who lives in this area knows the challenges of landscaping here – limited sunlight, harsh winters, invasive and persistent weeds, slugs, whiteflies, ants and other bugs, fallen branches, but most of all – rocks!  As soon as you stick a shovel into the ground around here, you’re bound to hit at least three rocks with each stroke.  Luckily for me, I needed lots of them to build a rock-lined pathway and define planting areas around the patio!  And personally, I love the natural and organic look of the rocky and rustic terrain.

So, after many hours of digging, pulling, stacking and arranging rocks…

Here is the new pathway to the outdoor patio!

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3 thoughts on “A Peaceful Patio – part three!

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  2. thebeadden on said:

    Well done!

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