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A Peaceful Patio – part one

After re-finishing the large slatted wood bench, I decided to create an outdoor space for it to inhabit.  Last summer, I had discovered many flat bricks underneath a pile of rotting wood, some of which I used to make pathways in my “Jardin Prive“.  And after clearing several downed trees and other overgrowth in the “wilderness yard”, I had originally created a small patio with two tree stumps for seating.  As you can see, it covered a very small area and because of some random trees and shrubs, we never really spent any time there.

The first step was to start over from scratch and clear more space for a larger patio.  I pulled all the bricks, cut the small tree and cleared out much of the random nearby growth – except the pachysandra and new rhododendron shoots.

Then I began to lay the bricks down in a lattice pattern, leaving a square in between each brick.

As most of you know, I usually try to utilize found (free) materials, rather than buy them for two reasons:  1) I enjoy re-purposing, re-using and re-beautifying just about anything and  2) I operate on an extremely tight budget!  So I first considered filling the empty squares with moss, but ultimately decided to pull some of the gravel that was sliding from my driveway into the road.  Tediously, I scooped up shovelfuls of rocks and dirt, washed the stones in a bucket and finally had a sizable pile of gravel to use!

Overnight, a nice heavy rain washed the entire patio and helped the stones and bricks settle into the soil below!

Ready for the next stage!  part two is coming soon!

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