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Saving the Shake Shingles

There were so many major projects to accomplish on the house over the last year, that I somehow neglected to see one of the biggest, most important tasks – maintaining and protecting the exterior of the house!  Most of the house has shake shingle siding, which I love and adds to its Northeastern charm.  However, they were in desperate need of a new coat of waterproofing stain, especially where the sun beats down on one side of the deck.

Originally, when I refinished the deck, I had bought two gallons of Behr Waterproofing Stain in a semi-transparent color of pewter.  However, when I applied it to the wood on the deck, it turned an ugly (too bright) blue.  So I held onto them, (unable to return them) hoping to find a way to use them.  When I began to apply the stain to the shake shingles, the result was beautiful!  The darkness of the shingles deepened the stain and also created a hue that changes throughout the day depending on the quality and direction of the sunlight.

Not to mention, it adds a protective layer to all the wood, which will provide longevity and beauty on many levels.  Once I had finished the wall near the chimney, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it before.  The deck immediately felt more clean and luxurious.

And the color of the my blooming garden against the deep blue-grey creates a wonderful contrast.

And an updated BEFORE and AFTER photo from April 2011 to July 2012

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