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Making time for Summer

I apologize for the long delay between my last entry and this one.  Due to many different circumstances, (one of which being that my computer died and was in the “hospital” for three weeks…), I have been unable to find any technology to cooperate with me!  I must also take a moment to clarify that all the articles in this blog are projects that I, myself have completed.  I do not hire help and sometimes (being about a buck and a nickel) the bigger projects take a bit of time and effort, so actually DOING them takes precedent over blogging about them.  However, I will have some interesting posts coming soon!
Some of the things I have been working on during this last month are:

refinishing a beautiful two-tiered table

refinishing a set of 6 wooden dining chairs

– continuing to garden and plant (and weed) in many different areas of the property.

– cleaning up fallen trees/branches from several recent thunderstorms, including finding the courage to start up and use a brand new chain saw!!

– gathering kindling and firewood for the winter (hence the need for the chain saw and the courage to use it!)

re-staining the exterior of the house (mostly the shake shingle)

– sprucing up the master bathroom with bold colors

– beautifying the interior of the house to make it more comfortable and livable

– working on several small art projects

– researching ideas for new projects

And in between all of the above, I have been taking time to attempt remembering how to relax.  Making time to enjoy the work that I have already accomplished and rejoice in the spaces I have created is essential, but more importantly – making time for fun with my daughter is a task worth committing to!

It is a difficult balance at times, to work on projects, make money, keep connected with friends, pay bills, cook and clean house yet still prioritize quality play time.  Even though the lack of technology was frustrating, it reminded me that the best moments in life aren’t hovering over my keyboard, frantically trying to post in a blog or update Facebook pages, they are living experiences – building sand castles, painting toy boxes, riding a bicycle, swimming in a lake on a hot day and even dancing in an afternoon summer downpour.

So stay tuned – I’ll be posting some fun things soon, just after we finish our sand castle village!

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