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Saturating the Shade

As I slowly transform the wildness of the south yard, clearing out random young trees, downed branches and unwanted ivy, I search for plants, flowers and ornamentals that not only thrive in the shade, but will also withstand the extreme temperatures of the Northeast.  Not to mention, plants that grow quickly in the spring are ideal in the hopes of keeping the weeds at bay.

Hostas would be a great option, if the deer would not chomp them to bits.  So, I am left with fern, evergreen, and vinca for groundcover.  Ah, but what about a splash of color?  Impatiens, of course!

Last year, I cleared pathways, lined them with logs and filled them with wood chips.  This year, after building a low stacked stone wall, I envisioned a colorful border of flowers to line and define.  I am hoping that this time next year, the impatiens will have re-seeded and expanded to fill the borders with color!

Here is a before and after shot from last April 2011 to now (June 2012).  I had cleared most of the downed trees last year, but then again… I had to handle the damage from the October 2011 storm, as well…

The border along one end of the driveway

And look – a forest fairy!

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One thought on “Saturating the Shade

  1. thebeadden on said:

    Great job!

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