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Digging up the Driveway

Not all home renovation projects can be as glamorous as the Bedroom Makeover or the Drastic Deck DIY, but they must be done to maintain the look of the exterior of a home.

I have a long (J-shaped) driveway in front of the house, lined with logs and filled with gravel.  Or at least, what once was gravel.  Actually, it had not been maintained in so long, that it was beginning to resemble a weedy extension of the yard.

After pricing out gravel at $35-$45 per cubic yard (ummm…), I decided to grit my teeth and get my hands dirty.

I took advantage of the weather, choosing to begin right after a heavy rain for two reasons.  After the rain, the compacted soil would be a bit easier to dig through and the stones easier to dislodge from the roots, but also it was much cooler.

Using a pitch fork, I spent the better part of about three days, shoveling under the weeds, turning the stones over and ripping out blankets of weeds.  It was back-breaking, labor-intensive work, but the results were great, as you can see below.  I left patches of ajuga, moss and vinca to be transplanted later.

Meanwhile, I will be spraying the entire over turned area with a mixture of white vinegar, salt and dish soap to discourage any new growth and keep the weeds down organically.

Here are some BEFORE and AFTER photos

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