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“The Ballet of Jose” and other stories

Another endeavor of mine is writing and illustrating children’s books.  The newest series I am developing is called The Vowel Series.  It is a five book series that strives to demonstrate the many vowel exceptions in the English language by incorporating words that sound the same but have very different spellings.  The stories have lessons in morals and values in friendship, communication, situational understanding and forgiveness.

Studies have shown that reading to your child for at least 20 minutes every day can increase vocabulary and comprehension dramatically.  When young children are exposed to a more diverse and sophisticated vocabulary, their ability to utilize more complicated words increases up to 40% more than those that are not.  Not to mention, reading together has many other benefits, including: creating a strong bond between parent and child, encouraging thoughtful communication and dialogue, promoting longer attention spans, building listening skills and imagination, and instilling an early love of learning.

My hope is to create books that are not only fun and educational for children, but also enjoyable for adults.  I strive to create an opportunity for dialogue between parent and child – “What does bestow mean?”, “Isn’t it interesting how ballet and day sound the same, but look different?”, “How many words can we think of that end in the sound EE?”.  When we teach our children how much fun it is to be curious, we instill a life-long habit of learning.

Please take a look at my Author’s Spotlight on to see the complete collection of all publications and stay tuned for upcoming new releases!

“Meet Little Hamster” can also be found in digital format on iTunes (iBook) and Barnes & Noble (NOOKbook).

COMING SOON – “Tea with a Flea”, the vowel series: EE


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