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An inTricate Tree Mural

I have had this amazing image for the longest time.  I have wanted to do something large scale with this for at least five years, I’ve just never had the space to actually consider what could be done.  Not to mention, the intricacy of the image was a bit daunting to hand draw (no way) and for lack of a projector, my options were limited.

Here is the original image

So first I built the image in Adobe Photoshop to a large scale image, making some artistic adjustments.  Then I printed out sections on card stock, so that I could recreate the image on the large scale by connecting the images like a collage (see below)

Now for the meticulous part… I then carefully cut out the silhouette, page by page, and glued the sections together until I had reconstructed only the branches of the tree.

Then I had a thin piece of plywood cut to 48′ x 42″ inches ($11 at Home Depot) and painted it with the Behr Premium paint (same as the color used in the Living Room – here).

After letting two coats of the gray dry, I flipped the tree mural over and began to glue it to the plywood – delicately adjusting it to maintain it’s original form, as it was quite flexible at this point.

I then applied two coats of MinWax Polycrylic Clear Coat over the entire piece, allowing 1-2 hours drying time between coats.

I attached D-Rings and hanging wire to the back and it was ready to hang!

It gives a nice contrast against the opposite wall, as it reflects the same color and also, emphasizes the deep gray tones in the stone fireplace. (I’m in the process of replacing the rug with something in deep green and brown tones, but it works for now)

More to come!

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4 thoughts on “An inTricate Tree Mural

  1. You can buy very similar looking decals that eliminate the most difficult part. 🙂

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  3. Jennifer on said:

    This is incredible work Suzanne! Wow. The finished product is stunning.

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