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Striving for a Studio – phase 1

One of the many projects I have in mind for the present and future, is to transform the loft over a two car garage into a movement studio.  Being a (former) dancer, having a space to move freely would be a dream come true.  Especially after spending 18 years in NYC, living mostly in extremely small spaces and learning to utilize every inch of space with creative organization and selective sacrifices.

This project will have several phases, primarily dictated by finances.  I am operating on a shoe-string budget, which means I am doing all the work myself.  I envision (someday) insulation and drywall and a sprung floor downstairs – but one step at a time.

I began this project last summer, but have had to put things on hold during the winter months.   Nonetheless, I decided I would share the process so far!

Here is the BEFORE

First, I needed to fill in the many holes in the floor with wood putty to create a smooth surface.  I allowed the wood putty to dry overnight then sanded with 80 grit sandpaper.  After sanding, I swept and moped thoroughly.

Then I painted the entire floor with Behr Porch and Patio Floor Paint.  I used a roller and extension arm to make is easier and applied two thick coats, allowing 12 hours of dry time in between each coat.  I had to be sure to start at the far end and finish near the staircase to not paint myself into a corner (literally!).

Then I began to paint the walls with Behr Semi-gloss White Interior.  I actually like the whitewash effect, but hopefully someday in the future, this will be drywall!

By now it is really starting to feel like a much cleaner space!  I picked up two small tables and four wall mirrors from Ikea (I will probably pickup a few more, but ultimately I want to have custom mirrors built and installed – sigh..someday…).

But here is the AFTER (for now)

And we were ready to kick up our heels in there – until…

I realized the floor desperately needed a support beam in the center.  The entire place would rumble and shimmy when anyone walked toward the center of the loftspace.  More on that coming up in phase 2!

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