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Japanese Maple Mania

As I continue to landscape and garden through the seasons, I am discovering many beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) plants growing throughout my yard.  You can see more of the plants beginning to come up here.

Last weekend, I spent many hours pulling up the abundant dandelions – hoping to grab them before they turn into white puffballs and spread their seeds deeper into the yard (much to my daughter’s disappointment – she loves to make wishes on them!)  As I pulled weeds, I also discovered many small Japanese Maple seedlings!

Last summer I had transplanted about six small seedlings, but only three survived…  I ADORE Japanese Maple – they are stunning in any season.  I have one large (and probably very old one) right in the front of the house.  I lost a few large branches in the October 2011 snow storm, but the tree seems to not be damaged at all.

Here is my favorite tree taken last October (taken with Hipstamatic App on iPhone)

and here taken this weekend

So I am hoping to have a small little farm of glorious Japanese Maples.  I also discovered a large “area” of moss (see the before and after here) that I was able to remove and add as a companion plant to some of the seedlings – the colors work beautifully and the the moss will help process the moisture and give nutrients to the roots!

However, Japanese Maple trees can be tricky and delicate to transplant.  Late fall/early winter, when the tree is dormant, is the recommended time for transplanting, but since these were just seedlings I took the chance.

First dig a hole in well-draining soil where you want to move the seedling.  Then carefully dig around the seedling (to make sure not to damage any roots) and try to keep as much soil on the roots as possible.  DO NOT shake the soil off the roots. Retaining the original soil will help reduce the shock on the roots and maintain the original soil preference.  I also add rocks in the bottom of the hole I have prepared to aid in drainage and stabilize the roots.

Keep them well watered, but make sure the soil is draining well, otherwise the roots may rot.

Here’s some photos of my recent plantings

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