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Happy Mother’s Day!

As spring turns cold nights into warm, sunny mornings and everything starts to blossom and bloom, I am loving the discoveries of little treasures in my gardens!

My mother is a devoted gardener and has passed on her love of “digging in the dirt” to me.  I call her often to ask questions about how to care for various plants and gain from her knowledge and experience.  Now, I am sharing it with my daughter.  We are both learning about seeds, bulbs, soil, and watching as tiny seeds grow and thrive into beautiful healthy plants and flowers. It is so much like watching my own child. As she grows and learns, I witness the seeds that I had hoped to plant begin to blossom:  seeds of love and laughter, reading and imagination, curiosity and playfulness, determination and joy.

It’s only now that I understand how deep the roots of love can reach.  And although I have always loved, respected and admired my mother, it’s now that I truly understand and cherish the bountiful gifts that she has given me: patience, tenderness, nurturing, love and support (to name a few).  I only hope to pass those along to my daughter as gracefully.  I love you, Mom!

Here are some lovely flowers to share with everyone for Mother’s Day!  Have a wonderful day!

Lily of the Valley – last summer these beautiful green leaves and delicate white flowers were buried under a blanket of weeds.  I spent a couple of days HAND PULLING the weeds. It was well worth it – the Lily of the Valley has come back beautifully.

Tulips (bulbs planted Nov 2011)

White Azalea

Bleeding Heart


Happy Mother’s Day!

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