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A Mound of Moss

I have a small shed on one corner of my property.  It’s not in great shape (to be polite) but it could be spruced up a bit and better maintained.

Recently, I ventured onto the roof of the garage/shed (VERY carefully, it is leaking and rotting in places) and discovered a small moss garden growing on the roof!!  No wonder it was leaking and rotting!  The moss has been retaining the water for who knows how long, so removing it is the first step in trying to salvage this one car “garage” shed.

So, using a scrubbing broom, I carefully scraped and pushed the moss and debris off the roof.  Luckily, I was able to keep many moss pieces in tact and distribute them in more desirable locations around my garden.  The moss looks fantastic in the crevices of the large boulders underneath my Japanese Maple!

I do want to mention that I am very light and I made sure to disperse my weight evenly and stick to the support beams while I was on the roof.  It was pretty tricky up there…

Here are the before and after photos



I will probably scrub the roof with a mixture of water and bleach to help prevent the re-growth, but I’ll wait for the wood underneath to dry up a bit first.

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