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Livin’ it up in the Living Room

After living with the standard flat off-white paint job that permeates the entire house, I finally took the plunge to try adding some dimension to the living room.  I took bold risks in the upstairs bedroom, I know, but this room was different.  Not only is it the centerpiece of the entire house, it is stunning in its character and natural beauty – so I didn’t want to distract from the power of the room in it’s existing state.  I am still taking it slowly, so let’s focus on just one side… (note: notice the knobs near the large wall mirror and compare in the after photos)

Here it is (kind-of messy…) before

You can see some of the other projects I have completed beginning to add to the character of the room, like the mirror, the stools and the chest-o-drawers. (click to see more on those).

Now for the bigger picture!  As luck would have it, I discovered a small section in the Home Depot paint department, called the “oops” shelf.  I found several discarded cans of paint that apparently had been returned.  Since the colors had already been mixed, they were re-selling them for $7 a gallon or so!  And there just so happened to be a gallon of beautiful gray, satin finish that matched the stones in my chimney (as it still is the deciding factor in color choice).

The low overhang “ceiling” from the bedrooms above were also painted in the same flat off-white paint, so I had to start there.

I used a bright, white in semi-gloss so that the lamplight would be more reflective and not diminish the lighting capabilities.  I removed all outlet covers and soaked the painted screws in hot, sudsy water to remove the paint. (wear rubber gloves when doing this – the hotter the water, the easier paint will come off of a metal surface)

I then spray painted all the outlet covers with Ace Metallic Silver spray paint – talk about an amazing way to have silver covers without the cost!!  Notice how fantastic they turned out below!

After that (and masking all borders and edges), I began to paint all the edges with a brush and finished the job with a roller using my “discount” paint from the oops shelf.

Reattached all the outlet covers and the outcome was (I must say) fabulous!  This room has so much more depth and beauty now.  A wonderful place to sit and watch a movie or snuggle in front of the fire!

Here are some after shots

There’s more to come on this room, but this was a good start 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Livin’ it up in the Living Room

  1. I like the way it’s all turning out!!! XXOO Lee

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  3. modtex on said:

    nice color accent

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