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I found these two sturdy swivel bar stools in my NYC building’s basement.  Someone had decided they didn’t need them anymore – so I scooped them up before they hit the curb (and ultimately then the landfill).  They were in almost perfect shape, except the cushions were a bit stained and the plush fabric gave it a feel from the 80’s.

I picked up some faux leather fabric from the Garment District in Manhattan (2 yards for $7) and began to transform the stools.

First, I removed the cushion from the main stool by unscrewing the four screws that held it to the base.  Then, using a screwdriver and needle nose pliers, I carefully removed the fabric and all staples.

I used the original upholstery as a guide to mark the new fabric, double checking with the seat and cushion before cutting.

Here are all the tools needed:

I then start stapling the fabric to the seat.  I begin by stapling on opposite sides, pulling the fabric tightly around the edge until I have eight equidistant points around the edges.  Then I carefully begin pulling, folding and stapling small sections in between – like making pleats but keeping it smooth on the edge.

Here is a photo showing half of the first stage and half of the second:

Then I trim the excess fabric

Once the staples are all in, I reattached the seat to the base and VOILA!

A new, improved swivel bar stool!

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