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Dressing up a Dresser

I acquired another dresser that I thought had some potential.  It had a simple form, but layers of thick, chipped paint.  It wasn’t much to look at before…

Stripping it down to the wood was not really an option due to the layers of paint, especially considering that the wood underneath was probably not the finest quality.  So, I opted once more for a quick paint job!

I have an obsession with silver, but I wanted to try a new twist on an old favorite of mine.

After removing all the knobs, I sanded the entire dresser and drawers with 80 grit pro grade sandpaper.

After thoroughly wiping all the surfaces down with damp paper towels, I sprayed two coats of Ace Metallic spray paint (silver) over the entire dresser frame.  Then sprayed the drawers with RustOleum Metallic spray paint (black night) to provide a stunning contrast to the light frame.  The black paint has slight flecks of silvery sheen that complements the frame.  I replaced the knobs with some simple brushed steel ones from Target (10 for $9.99)!

Here’s the after…

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3 thoughts on “Dressing up a Dresser

  1. Nice makeover! You gave a “chic” touch at this boring dresser!

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