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Inventing a Lampshade

I had this typical floor lamp with the plastic cone shade for awhile, until one day, while my daughter was jumping on the bed (which is a no-no in our house…but anyway), she tipped it over and broke the ugly shade.  Luckily, the lamp still worked, but needed a new shade.  Time to get creative!

At my local hardware store, I found a selection of sheet metal.  Picking one that seemed interesting, I brought it home and got to work!  Using heavy duty metal cutting shears, I cut a large rectangle, then carefully cut sections vertically to a bit less than halfway up the length of the rectangular piece. I also wore gloves, as the cut edges were sharp until I filed them down or bend the edges.

A bit like this:

After curling the ends together to make a cone shape, I began folding each cut section into an overlapping swirl and tying them together one by one with hanging wire, as shown here.

I left an opening in the center that was large enough to fit over the light bulb housing, but small enough to not slip off the bulb itself.

Then I took some semi-transparent orange vellum (a type of thick, transparent, plastic-like paper), cut into lengths that would fit into the vertical section of the shade and stapled each piece together so that it would sit perfectly inside the shade.  This helped to buffer the light and mask the transparency of the sheet metal.

I attached the shade and VOILA!  A new lampshade is born!  It creates a beautifully warm and bright glow for the entire room.

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One thought on “Inventing a Lampshade

  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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