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Adding Color to the Kitchen

This was a project I did a couple of years ago as an experiment.  At the time, I wasn’t completely convinced that paint could withstand the hardships of a kitchen floor (with constant wet conditions and falling pots, pans, dishes).  But it HAS, and beautifully!

Previously, the kitchen floor was an indeterminate greenish-blah vinyl tile.  I had lived with this color for several years and still couldn’t afford ripping it all out and laying down my dream of slate tiles (sigh).  Not to mention, the thought of pulling the fridge out into my small NYC apartment and disconnecting the gas range was a bit daunting for this dabbling DIY-er.  So, always trying to make something out of nothing, I decided to try painting the floor!

First, I thoroughly scrubbed the entire floor with a stiff bristle brush and a mixture of warm water and Clorox Clean-Up, cleaning and roughening up the surface for better paint adhesion.

For the new color, I chose a bright, but on the deep-side, RED.  I crossed my fingers that it wouldn’t be too overbearing.  Luckily, the kitchen was small and narrow (typical NYC-style) with white and stainless steel cabinetry and appliances, so the addition of a deep, bold color would add a nice flare of energy.

After taping off the perimeter, I applied one coat of primer.  Then painted on two coats of Benjamin Moore Premium Interior 100% Acrylic Semi-Gloss, (mixed to match Pratt & Lambert’s Red Statement), allowing at least two hours of dry time between coats.

After drying overnight, I applied three coats of MinWax Polycrylic Protective Finish, gloss (allowing about 2 – 3 hours btwn coats).

The most important part was what happened after.  I was careful to only wear socks and not drop anything on the new floor for 5 to 7 days to allow it to set and harden completely.  Taking the extra time to allow for the paint to set fully made all the difference in its long-term performance and durability.

And here we are, two years later and still looking great!

So if you are considering re-energizing a floor with ugly vinyl tiles by painting it a different color – TRY it – you just might love it!  And if I can do it, so can YOU!

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