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A Charming Chair

Coming home from an afterschool playdate one day, I passed a collection of discarded items sitting on the curb.  Most of which, were obviously going to go the route of the garbage compactor, but something caught my eye.

Actually there were TWO of these chairs on the curb – one being in much better shape, but since I was with my daughter AND we were riding our electric scooter, it’s amazing I was able to balance even this one on the seat for the journey home.  Nonetheless, I still lament not being able to have snatched the other one too…

The wood was weathered, discolored and brittle with remnants of yellowing varnish here and there, but still solid.  After carefully sanding by hand and reinforcing the joints, I applied a thin coat of ebony stain, using a small brush.

After drying, I sealed it with two coats of MinWax Polycrylic Protective Finish (gloss).  I scrubbed the seat with saddle soap and stepped back to enjoy the results.

Now you can see, why I still sigh at knowing there could’ve been a pair…

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5 thoughts on “A Charming Chair

  1. gonzalo on said:

    I want the other one!!!

    • Thank you 🙂 It was amazing to see how it transformed with a bit of TLC. Stay tuned for more fun projects, large and small!

      • Great, I’m looking for fun ideas, as I also try to learn how to revive old dear pieces of furniture. This far I’ve done only one chair. You can see on my blog

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