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Beautiful Bird Feeders

So, while I was waiting for the clear coat to dry on my refinished mantel, my daughter and I spent some time on another fun project – painting bird feeders!  (Thanks to my craft-loving neighbor :-))

For those of you who don’t know, Michael’s craft store is THE place to go for arts and crafts projects!  You can find pretty much EVERYTHING there.

We got two lovely unfinished wooden bird feeders and some acrylic outdoor paint (and glitter glue) and went to town designing and painting our masterpieces.

here is the beginning:

We sat and talked and painted and mixed colors and had a wonderful time, spending the evening together.  And to top it all off, we now have amazing, one-of-a-kind feeders, where we can watch the birds come to nibble and we can remember our lovely night.

Here are our finished products – my daughter and I have slightly different tastes,  can you tell which one of us made which?

I LOVE her sense of style and use of color combinations 😉

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    Thanks for your input and I will use it for my college research that I am doing for this website.

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