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Weeds anyone?

Now that the deck was looking great.  I needed to address the overgrown weed garden that inhabited the inside of the fenced back yard.  And I mean, there were weeds, weeds and MORE WEEDS!!

Here is what it looked like BEFORE:

Instead of just buying a barrel of Round-up, I actually hand pulled ALL the weeds, carefully shaking the gravel free!  Then I reburied the plastic lining and leveled the gravel that had shifted and slid around.  I discovered some flagstone and some flat rectangular bricks around the property and layed several pathways throughout the garden and built a small support wall with rocks to prevent the gravel from sliding downhill again.

And voila!  The backyard has been transformed into a place to plant and enjoy!

Here the AFTER:

My secret garden awaits planting in the spring!  I can’t wait to see the hydrangea in May!  I have already planted daisies, daylilies, coneflowers, hostas, and more!  Stay tuned for new photos as everything starts to blossom in the spring!!

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