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Luscious Ice Cream Parlor Chair

This was an easy and extremely fun project to do for my daughter’s room.  A friend of mine generously gave me this chair and a lovely small vanity (which I also refinished).  It was caked with paint and rusted in spots, but was still in pretty good shape and I knew that it could be amazing with a little TLC.


The layers of paint came right off the metal with some tapping and scraping and I lightly sanded the rest to a smooth finish.  Then I applied two coats of Rust-Oleum Protective Enamel (gloss finish) Hot Pink spray paint.  The cushion I spray painted, as well, although, I want to re-cover it eventually.  But I’ll update the post once that happens.  Til then, I felt like this option would work just to have a finished product for my impatient little one 🙂


Take a look at the (now) matching vanity!

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One thought on “Luscious Ice Cream Parlor Chair

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