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Bedroom One: Carpet Catastophe

The small upstairs bedrooms were both carpeted with a darkish cream carpeting, that were stained, discolored and kind-of smelled a bit like they had spots of cat pee in the corners.  Needless to say, they HAD TO GO!!

So, with my trusty hammer, boxcutter and needlenose pliers in hand, I started happily ripping out the carpet from the first bedroom.  Cutting the carpet in sections and carefully removing the nail strips and any remaining staples with the pliers.

All was going so well

then… I discovered the nightmare of floor refinishing…

Covering about 3/4 of the entire room, was nasty self-adhesive linoleum tile – yikes…

and underneath that, was a softwood floor with about sixteen layers of paint.

A heavy-duty mask, goggles and a entire bottle of industrial strength Goof Off later, I was able to scrape off all of the tiles, (a tremendously tiring, tedious and toilsome task), leaving the floor with old ugly paint and remnant adhesive glue.

Unfortunately, stripping the wood floor was out of the question, due to the poor quality of the floor and the amount of old paint.  I got out my handy palm sander once more and lightly sanded, just to smooth the surface.

I then applied a two thick coats of Behr Porch and Floor paint with a brush, carefully covering all the crevices.  The results were better than I imagined!

Now for the walls and trim.

I took a risk with color and used a bright green and dark grey combination to accentuate the charm and character of this room.  I also painted all the outlet covers with silver spray paint to add additional accents.  And the final product turned out to be warm, inviting and cozy!

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