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Arthur Umanoff Swivel Bar Stool

So I got everything home and unloaded (see what and how here).  I decided to try to discover if any of the furniture had any value.  I sat down a googled some bar stool images and found a match!  The dismal little bar stool just happened to be an Arthur Umanoff Swivel Chair from the 1950s.  Whether or not it is an original is not for me to say, but it did alter how carefully I was going to be with it to refinish it properly.

Here are some before photos – it was in pretty bad shape.

Carefully dismantling the chair, I set about sanding the wooden seat and back.  I had to be diligent about all the edges and attempt to not alter the original shapes and curves.  But in the end I was able to make the wood almost new again.

Heres the before…

and after…

I applied a sealant and started on the base.  Sanded the base to remove the rust, then covered with a nice coat of black enamel.  Reattached the seat and back… And voila!  A beautiful mid-century modern stool saved from a landfill.  Value $200

Total cost: $4

Retail Value: approx. $175

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3 thoughts on “Arthur Umanoff Swivel Bar Stool

  1. How did the seat go from blue to brown?

    • It’s amazing what hand-sanding can reveal! Weathered wood can look blue-grayish when left untreated for too long. However, the wonderful (and resilient) thing about wood, is that with a bit of TLC, the natural beauty of the wood can be salvaged and reconditioned to look like new! All I did was carefully sand off the old parts and treat the wood underneath 🙂

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