SKL New York

A New Beginning

This is the first post of a (hopefully) eventful blog about a new undertaking, and maybe touching on some older moments that I want to share.  In this blog I will be documenting the process of renovating a fantastic house in the country and also re-purposing “found” objects to furnish said house!  Some of the furniture has already been refurbished and inhabiting my small NYC apartment, in the hopes of one day having a larger place to call home.  (posts to come later)…

And hopefully soon, the house will become a reality!!  Full of all the challenges (and rewards) of home ownership!  despite a long litany of delays and possible problems that are too boring (and frustrating) to list…

I, of course, have BIG plans – a website in the making, some minor (and major) sanding, gardening, landscaping, and maybe even a salvaged car!  Ideas that are all rattling in my head and making quite a racket until things get sorted out.

But nonetheless, I will start to post some small projects that I have been working on and I hope that everyone will stay tuned until the real exciting stuff can start to happen!

Meanwhile, I wait…

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